All that kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them.
— Ervin Magic Johnson

About US

OPEN DAY OPEN DAY !!!! 22 & 23 MARCH 2018


We had quite a few visits on our first open day 22/03/2018.  New / prospective parents can join us between 8.30 pm and 12.30 pm to view, observe the staff and kids in action and ask all their questions.



Not sure who enjoyed Rhyme Time and Story Time the most: adults or kids



About Rina

Rina makes use of a team of dedicated staff and takes control of each aspect of Shalom Kids Nursery.

Rina (owner) has over 30 years of experience in childcare, Christian-based teachings and Counselling.

Prior to realising a life-long dream of opening up a Christian Educare Centre, she has been involved for over 30 years as a Sunday School Teacher and Counsellor in her hometown church. She has kept a youthful spirit by attending on Youth Camps, setting up and managing a Community Drama Group in the church and helping where possible at the Rainbow of Hope Children’s Home in her Community.

She has maintained all her life various arts and crafts hobbies which includes sketching, water painting, finger painting, painting baby rooms and other crafting exercises.

She has successfully raised two children on her own and in 2004 she took under her wing a freshly matriculated young man and took him into her home as a youngest son. Her two eldest have since then spread their wings and her youngest has finished his first degree.

Rina is a devoted Christian and has been preparing all her life for the opportunity to run her own Creche and teach her “daytime children” about her Lord and Savior. She is a firm believer of routine and instilling discipline by means of patience and repetition.


We will …..
meet our children at their level of development
teach them the love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
equip our children with Biblical truths in a fun and creative way
help parents raise up children that will be earth changers and history makers (our shakers and movers)
encourage the children to grow and develop to their maximum potential, teaching them who and what they are in Christ
instil Godly values and morals in their lives, enabling them to be a light to both the nation and  the world


“During his youth years, Jesus grew in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and men. “ Luke 2:52

  1. Jesus grew in wisdom… …relates to intellectual growth
  2. and stature…. ..relates to physical growth
  3. and in favour with God… …relates to spiritual growth
  4. and men… …relates to social growth

These words stress a four part growth process that we want to develop in each child at Shalom Kids Nursery


  1. We are smack-bang in the heart of the WOODSTOCK  IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT, just  5 minutes away from the heart of Cape Town CBD
  2. You will have extra time with your child in the car while traveling to and from work.
  3. You will always be on time for the teacher/parent meeting because we are just around the corner from work. You can attend that special tea or lunch .
  4. We have built up relationships with several child medical practitioners within the CBD. You can arrange a doctor’s appointment for your child with one of them at a time that suits you and your employer..
  5. You can quickly pop in to tell your child “I love you” and be back at office in a flash. Or take him / her on a lunch date. They just LOVE to have a lunch date with mom or dad. …. feeling like a big person.
  6. Our teachings and values are Christian based and our lesson material is in line with the Dept. of Education’s requirements.
  7. We teach in English, but our environment is conducive to learning other languages — between our kids, they have 9 different languages of which only 4 are South African languages — kids from around the globe enroll with us on a permanent, semi-permanent or temporary basis. Between us, the staff team can speak Afrikaans, English, Xhoza, Zulu, Sesotho, Shona.

(We had/has kids from Saudi Arabia, Libia, Gaboen, Zimbabwe, Angola, Mosambique, India, Australia, China, Equador, Brazil, Norway, Taiwan, Jordan and do not forget our beautiful precious South Africa).