All that kids need is a little help, a little hope and somebody who believes in them.
— Ervin Magic Johnson



Daily activities include counting, language, music (sing or dance or making music), crafts, group play / games, free play and individual play, small and big motor skills development, etc.
We have games and toys to help develop big motor skills. The beading, threading, puzzles, clay, etc help builds the small motor skills.

A typical day for our 19 months and older kids may include:

Morning songs / dance/exercise
Morning circle with Bible story, nursery rhymes
Play-dough activity
Creative art (crayons/paint/paste)
Shapes and colour
Rote counting / rational counting (depending on age of child)
Puzzles / stringing jumbo beads / threading shapes / building wheels / legos / shape buckets
Constructive free-play (eg Legos / animals / dress-up)
Before-lunch story-time
Chalk-board time / scribble time/ writing time (depending on age of child)

A typical day/week for our infants may include (depending on their age):

Morning songs shared with other kids
Morning circle time shared with other kids
Flash cards (black and white object cards / shapes / colours)
Tummy time
Floor-time / group play
Block building
Messy-play / art (once a week)
Before-lunch story time shared with other kids
Individual play